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We write it. You put your name on it and sell it!

We’re a small (but mighty) team of exceptional ghostwriters with an incredible combined portfolio, and one key mission: to write and create the most exceptional ghostwriting targeted at children available anywhere across the globe.

We can exceptionally write your:


Our most popular storybook packages

The Basic Package


Storybook Writing for Resale!

We'll just write your storybook for you. No bells, no whistles; just the writing! 



The Pro Package


Storybook Writing for Resale!

We'll write your storybook as well as a blurb for the back of your book. We'll also describe the illustrations for you. Trust us, your illustrator will thank you later! 



The VIP Package


Storybook Writing for Resale!

We'll write your storybook, provide illustration descriptions, blurb, custom 'about the author' write-up and more!



Please note - during this busy period some delivery times are being extended  

Our writers have written for:

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“Hands down the most amazing customer service experience I've ever had! There is so much attention to detail!”​


—  Marissa Lenin, Rainbow Sea-Horse

Okay, so just to be clear - there's not any actual cake... (though we're not ruling the possibility out entirely) but working with us is super easy!

Do you have questions? Do you want to work with us? Would you like to discuss your project to see how we can help? 


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