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Magical & Exceptional: These are not just terms referring to our end-product, but a mantra that we follow through every step of our journey with each wonder-seeking wordsmith. From complimentary demos to customer service, we pledge to not only give you an awesome and unique experience every step of the way, but to keep making changes and alterations to all projects until you are 100% happy. 

You are all beautiful and deserve the best 💖

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Welcome to The Stardust Experience, a creative production company specialising in the narration, production and sound design of children's audiobooks, and the writing and crafting of children's original, license free stories, books and scripts.

We do also produce other genres too, upon request. Want to know more? Here are our three primary services:

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[50 word free demo for all new customers]

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[free consultation available]

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[free consultation available]

[free consultation available]



The Stardust Experience is an innovative creative production company that specialises in creating exceptional  and magical creative experiences for your audience.  Primarily, we are an audiobook production company that specialise in narrating and sound designing children's storybooks  (we do produce longer projects and other genres upon request)We also provide a full suite of children's writing services too, as well as a VIP experience where we provide you with original writing AND conversion into a fully sound designed audiobook.

We offer not only professional narration, but full soundscaping of your material too! Whether it’s a book, poem or nursery rhyme, we will craft something that you will be absolutely delighted with.

Want to find out for yourself?


We believe that life should be magical, always, so let us bring you

some wonder into your life FOR FREE! Yep, like ACTUALLY FREE.

Here’s the deal:


If you already have a children's book, and you're interested in converting into an audiobook, simply send us 50 words of your story, we will get your text professionally narrated AND fully soundscaped (with music, sound effects, ambience, background vocals etc) and then we return them to you… for free! The only thing we ask is that if you love what we produce and what we’re doing, then help us spread the magic by telling others who might find our service useful.

Awesome right? Want a demo recording of your work? Hit the button below to get in touch and we’ll start the wondrous wheels moving on making something beautiful with you.

Demo of 50 Words of YOUR WORK for FREE!




Give Your Audience The Stardust Experience!


Still not sure? Well firstly, order your free demo and you'll hear how awesome we actually are. In the meantime, here's what some of our customers had to say about us....


Larry Robinson, Author

Stardust delivered an audiobook that has far surpassed my  high expectations. Alex goes above  and beyond for your project. He is a true pro, very responsive, enthusiastic, and makes it FUN as it should be. I highly recommend them. You won't be sorry!

Manuel Prana, Author

The final result really is breathtaking and fit exactly to my specific complicated needs for this audio. I liked very much this experience.  They actually kept working until it was perfect. Great work!

J.R. Reid, Author

I never thought that my book could possibly sound as good as it does. Alex & the  team need a huge pat on the back. Such an immersive experience. For anyone on the fence, this is the real deal!

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Want to claim your free 50 word audiobook demo? Would you like a free consultation on a written creative production? Would you like more details on:

-An audiobook production

-An original children's story/book

-A custom, original children's script

-Our VIP service

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