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Children’s Illustrated Storybook (Manuscript Only)

 We write a storybook; you name yourself as the author and sell it!

We love and respect the split-page children’s storybook genre so much, that we actually think we’ve mastered the form. To our knowledge, no-one else online provides the level of depth and expansive service that we do with the writing of illustrated children’s books.


While our illustrated storybook writing service doesn’t include actual illustrations, we can provide every other part of the service including:

– A beautiful and timeless story (either rhyming or non-rhyming) 
- Illustration descriptions to set out a road-map for you and your illustrator to follow

– Split-page writing of up to 64 pages

– A mixture of double and single page spreads

– Recommended word counts to cater for the specific reading age of the audience.

-A blurb for the back of the book

-A book blurb and book description package

-Two custom author bios: one shorter one for inside your book and one longer one for your Amazon/Goodreads/Author platform.

1B - Picture Book Mockup Image.png

With over 1,000 storybooks ghostwritten (and numerous bestsellers), it’s safe to say that we truly excel in this seemingly easy, but very tricky medium.

To order your ghostwritten storybook, or get a custom quote, head over to the Build-a-Book Portal, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us


Children’s Longer Chapter Book (Fiction)

 We write a chapter book; you name yourself as the author and sell it!

One of the key things that traditional publishers and literary agents look for when deciding whether to take on an author and their project is the voice.


Over time, each writer develops their own voice and this comes from writing and writing and writing and eventually stylistically finding themselves, their lens and their passions through their practiced craft. This is something so often sorely missed when it comes to getting your book ghostwritten. Luckily, we fully understand and appreciate this process…

The go-to phrase when it comes to advice on writing is ‘write what you know’, and there is a very good reason for this: writing what you know is how you find your voice.

4B - Chapter Book Mockup Image.png

When we take on a project, before we decide which one of us will be writing your project, we see who it resonates most with as we all have different strengths. Some of us are passionate about creating original worlds, so when a fantastical adventure set in a new land arises, we throw our (metaphorical) hat straight into the (metaphorical) ring with genuine vigour. Some of us love history and so our eyes actually light up when asked to pen a historical time-travel adventure! This passion-fuelled process enables your book to be written with a strong, convincing and most of all, engaged voice. If the writer is not genuinely engaging with the material, then what chance do the audience have?!

A chapter book is more than just a small writing project – it’s a long-term commitment, and as part of that commitment to you and your idea, you will be matched up with someone who is just as passionate about your subject as you are!

Whether you’re looking for a silly David Walliams-style adventure, a heart-warming Jacqueline Wilson-esque tale, or something entirely bonkers, we can write something you’ll be proud to put your name to!

Chapter Books

Children’s Non-Fiction Writing

We write your non-fiction writing; you name yourself as the author and sell it!

As marvellous as the digital age is, the inherent problem with infinite information at your fingertips, is that not all of that information is even correct. One quick Google of your favourite quote will leave you finding that apparently it was said by Einstein, Winston Churchill – even Buddha!

Especially when writing for children, we respect the fact that we owe it to the wider reading audience to get the information from the correct sources which is why for all of our non-fiction writing comes with referencing and citation as standard, to ensure that everything we write is just right.

Also, writing non-fiction for children isn’t especially easy, and as far as we know, we’re one of the only studios out there that write non-fiction tailored directly to the age-specific demographic of your audience with a concise, correct, and captivating language that is simultaneously fun and engaging!

2B - Non-Fiction Book Mockup Image.png

As part of this service, we can write your:

-Subscription content
-Magazine content
-Educational writing 
(not text books or technical writing)
-Books/ Ebooks

With a child-friendly tone and reliable, reference-based research, we are experts at writing the perfect non-fiction for your young audience.

This service is not yet available via the Build-a-Book Portal (coming soon), so to purchase a non-fiction project, please contact us for a custom package.


Children’s Script or Screenplay

We write your script or screenplay; you name yourself as the writer and sell it!

Our scriptwriters have written projects for the biggest platforms there are: the BBC, Cartoon Network, Sky and many, many more. With our scripts written and delivered in industry-standard format, we can cater expertly for your:

-TV Pilots
-YouTube Project
-Stage Show

3B - Script Book Mockup Image.png

With just a quick scour of the internet, you will find that expert children’s script writers for hire are generally few and far between. Luckily, we have enough experience to deliver the absolute gold-standard in scripted projects.

Whatever the medium of required scripted work, our talented team will be able to craft it for your masterfully.

This service is not yet available via the Build-a-Book Portal (coming soon), so to purchase a script, please contact us for a custom package.


 Is your requirement not listed here? 

If it's children's ghostwriting based, we more than likely provide the service. To find out
if we can help you out, please feel free to get in touch.

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