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the children's ghostwriting specialists

Magical & Exceptional: These are not just terms referring to our end-product, but a mantra that we follow through every step of our journey with each wonder-seeking wordsmith. We pledge to not only give you an awesome and unique experience every step of the way, but to keep making changes and alterations to all projects until you are 100% happy. 

©2020 by The Stardust Experience

Settle in, come make some friends...

Here is our wonderful team. Between us we can create actual, real-life magic for you... No, seriously, we can! With over ten years experience at the top of each of our fields, we are almost creative superheroes (sometimes Alex actually wears a cape; don't tell anyone we told you that though. It may very well blow his cover).

Oh, also, Zoe can juggle (kind of)... and Nathan is the improv comedy king 😎👍

Meet the team!

Creative Director

& Senior Ghostwriter

Alexander Peart

Alex has worked as a creative director for two creative companies for the past decade. In this time, he has overseen thousands of project. He is also our senior ghostwriter, and one of his ghostwritten books got produced into an international, bestselling, cinema hit!

FUN FACT: Alex's favourite word is 'perpendicular'. He enjoys the feel of the mix of hard and soft syllables when saying the word... 

Senior Editor

& Manuscript Consultant

Zoe Johnson

Zoe has worked in and around literature her whole life and spent many years as an in-house editor for a publishing company. She has worked one-on-one with clients assessing all manner of manuscripts, screenplays, and even theatrical productions.

FUN FACT: Animals are Zoe's favourite kind of people! She has six cats (soon to be eight), one dog and a gerbil. 

Head of Production

& Sound Engineer

Nathan Barry

Nathan spent many years working as a technical manager at a national UK theatre company. His expertise are in sound engineering, sound design, video production and editing, and being the funniest person at The Stardust Experience!

FUN FACT: Nathan collects and sells antiques and curios. He also wishes he were born in the Victorian period!