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Well, we're essentially ghostwriters, but The Stardust Experience is a lot more than that...

It's a Special Kind of Magic...

IDEAS are powerful things. They have this tendency to hit you when you least expect them…and then, once they’ve bitten, they won’t leave you alone! Where there was once nothing, there is now something. But that something isn’t yet the tangible real-world result it deserves to be; no one else can enjoy the fruits of the magic in your mind... and sadly, this is where the vast majority of ideas are born and die without being brought to fruition.

Don’t let your ideas die. 

If an idea excites you, then it’s an idea that is worth saving!

It’s our understanding and appreciation of ideas that makes us so good at what we do. A good idea needs to be given a little time, a lot of love and an immeasurable amount of nurturing. Your ideas are your babies and we will treat them with the unconditional love they deserve.

Plus, our writers have written for the very best in their respective industries...

We've ghostwritten thousands of projects aimed at children for authors, producers, companies, educators, creators and more. From short stories, illustrated books, and poems, right the way through to scripts, screenplays, app and game writing, and educational writing. If your audience is children, then we can write it for you!

Our Creative Director is also a proud member of

  • Writers Guild of Great Britain

  • The Society of Authors 

Would you like to work with us? Feel free to check out our website and if you have any questions, please do get in touch.

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Alex Peart-Johnson
Creative Director

Our writers have written for...

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