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The Children's Ghostwriting Specialists

You tell us your idea.

We outline, write & edit it.

You put your name on it and sell it!

Our writers have written for:

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Have an idea you'd like ghostwriting as a children's book?

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Ghostwriting? What's that?!

Ghostwriting means that you tell us your idea, we write it and then you put your name on it and sell it :)

And we won't tell anyone if you don't...

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No thanks. I'll just write my book like everyone else does...

Ghostwriting is far more widespread than many realise.

Did you know all of the books below were ghostwritten?!

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The truth is that coming up with a book idea is one thing...

but writing a well-paced book is a totally other skillset.

(a skillset gained from many many years or reading, writing, learning and trial and error)

So, let's say you do write that book...

How familiar are you with:

- Writing a well-paced book?

- Working with themes?

- Developing the main plot alongside sub-plots?

- Creating fleshed out characters with realistic motivations?

- Keeping the reader engaged?

- How to write for your target audience?

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And that's before we even consider the structure of the book, too.

- Do you even know how to develop a three-act structure?

- Do understand how to explore the principles of the hero's journey?

- How is your understanding of active versus passive voice?

- Do you know the difference between showing and telling?

Maybe this is why you're yet to finish (or even start) that book idea you've had for years...

Why put in all of that work, when you could just tell us and we'll write it for you?!

After all, we're the children's ghostwriting specialists and our expert writers have written for:

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All you need to do is share your idea with us and then we'll outline, write & edit your book for you!

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And it'll actually be good... like, really good

Here's what people say about us:

(from our Trust Pilot)


Working with Alex and Stardust was a 5 star experience. From my initial contact to the final project, the service, attention to time schedules, and edits were seamless. Alex keeps a witty persona via email which is refreshing. I will definitely use The Stardust Experience again and will refer others who need this service. Thank you Alex and The Stardust Experience team for an excellent service and "Experience." From the USA.