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My Pug Turned Into a Potato! By Alex Peart-Johnson & The Stardust Experience

“Genuinely the funniest children’s book I’ve ever read! A must-read for adults and children alike.” - Sam W, Editor

“Unexpectedly original, utterly hilarious and had me at the edge of my seat - and I’m 43 years old!” - Kate B, Beta Reader

Could your pet secretly be a potato in disguise?!

Evie’s pet pug, Oxford, has a serious problem: he’s addicted to crisps! So, when Evie wins an all-expenses-paid tour of the local crisp factory, it seems all of Oxford’s dreams have come true. But little do they know, the factory holds a deliciously dark secret; one that will turn their world upside down – and turn poor Oxford into a potato!

With the fate of all pugs and potatoes at stake, can Evie save her poor PUG-TATO before it’s too late?

This laugh-out-loud, reality-bending adventure is NOT YOUR USUAL CHILDREN’S BOOK! It has been specifically crafted to be friendly for older children with lower reading ages and those with focus issues like ADHD, thanks to the following features:

    Simple, direct language makes it highly accessible, easy to understand & widely engaging.
    No boggy descriptions and a fast plot to keep them hooked!
    There’s nothing more universal than silly humour (like a pantomime!).

Bonus: Inside your copy, you'll find a link to a treasure trove of free resources:

  1. Chapter-by-Chapter Comprehension Questions: Perfect for classroom use or home learning.
  2. Free Creative Activities: Keep the giggles going with fun crafts and creative exercises following the fun source material.
  3. Printable Colouring Pages: Unleash your child's inner artist with these spud-tacular designs.
  4. A SECRET FREE GIFT for Parents & Teachers: Unlock a hidden gem just for the grown-ups!

Grab your copy today! Brought to you by Alex Peart-Johnson and The Stardust Experience.

WARNING: This book is very engaging and may cause your child to read it all in one go!

My Pug Turned Into a Potato! By Alex Peart-Johnson & The Stardust Experience

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