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Big Ideas for Children's Books! Ebook

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One of the greatest ways to change the world in this day and age is through telling a good resonating story. An even greater way is to tell these resonating stories to the next generation of little adults.


But, where would you possibly start? How do you even begin to come up with an idea that could shape the next generation of the guardians of humanity (a great, potential title for a kids book!)? As lofty as it sounds, we all have the potential to do this.


There is a widespread general misunderstanding that there is some kind of natural talent to idea generation, but, this is not quite true. Ideas aren’t sourced from some kind of magical eternal void that can only be accessed by Einstein-level visionaries out there.

The truth is that most good ideas aren’t generated, rather, they are found.

And the very best ideas are found within you…


In Big Ideas for Children’s Books!, we provide you with the ultimate step-by-step framework to guide you towards finding and developing ideas that aren’t just arbitrary or generalised, but have a genuine impact on your audience and contain themes and concepts that you can be passionate about.


Children need good stories to represent the loving, open and diverse world that is opening up to them; to show them that the world can be inherently good and it is up to them to create it.


So, what story will you share to open to them up to the awesome and ever-expanding Universe of possibility out there?

Big Ideas for Children's Books! Ebook

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