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Why Won’t it Sell?: Earn More on your Children’s Book Self-publishing Journey

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There is nothing more disappointing than putting your heart and soul into creating a children’s book and then watching it sit on your KDP dashboard without any sales. The world of self-publishing can be absolutely heart wrenching when others don’t seem to appreciate your creations.

Check out these strategies for generating profitable content and earn more.

Find a specific audience.

When you’re working with the children’s book market, you’ll be up against a huge volume of competition. There’s a lot out there to catch people’s eyes. Most people when they’re searching are looking for a specific type of book. Instead of writing a book that reaches a large audience, try reaching out to a niche audience.

By being specific in what you’re self-publishing, you’ll be more likely to get the sales you’re looking for.

Get a cover that captures attention.

Covers sell books, period. When people are looking at books for kids, they’re noticing the covers more than anything else. A poorly made or unprofessional cover will not get the clicks/sales your engaging children’s book narrative deserves. If you’re not an illustrator yourself, hire someone to help you. Even with an illustrator on your team, it may be worth it to use a graphic designer to optimize the cover so it both highlights the illustrations and clearly indicates the title in an engaging way. Self-publishing is something you can do on your own of course, but it’s worth working with other professionals if you can afford it.

Create content that gets reviews.

The key to self-publishing books for kids that sell is getting a few crucial reviews. Less than 1% of book purchases on Amazon get reviews. Those who do, know that it’s the quality of their content that has people giving them positive feedback. If you’re writing a kids book for anxiety, make sure to check out other kids books for anxiety and make yours the absolute most engaging one on the market. The self-publishing world is filled with people who want to hit it big selling their work, so it’s important you make yours stand out above the rest.

Invest in your work.

By the time your children’s book leaves you and goes off into the online marketplace, you should have spent money on it. It doesn't have to be thousands but if it was any other business investment, no one would blink an eye about investing money into a potential profit. Self-publishing is no different. Whether it’s a ghostwriter, an illustrator, an editor, or a cover designer - having a team of professionals on your side will set your work apart from the competition. The common misconception in the self-publishing field is that it's quick money that you can do yourself. The real pro’s of trade know that investing in their work by working with others has an immediate impact on their sales and earn more doing it.

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These tips will help you create books for kids that make it into the hands of kids everywhere. Your work deserves to be shared with the world; it may just need some tools and strategies to help it get there.


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