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It's release day for My Pug Turned Into a Potato!

Hold Onto Your Hats (and Crisps)!

My Pug Turned Into a Potato! is FINALLY Here!

Brace yourselves, because today is the release of the wildly weird and wonderfully wacky "My Pug Turned Into a Potato!"

It's been a hell of a year but we're finally here.

This chapter book, perfect for readers aged 5-13, follows the hilarious journey of Oxford, a mischievous pug with a twist… he has a serious addiction to crisps!

When Oxford sneaks into his favourite crisp factory with his favourite human, Evie, something incredible (and slightly potato-y) happens!

Ready to join the crisptastic chaos? Here's the fastest way to grab your copy of "My Pug Turned Into a Potato!"

AND! It's FREE over on Kindle Unlimited!

So, get ready for some laughter, adventure, and a whole lot of spuds! Happy reading, and remember - sometimes, the best things in life come in crunchy, salty packages!



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