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Step 3

Our STANDARD SERVICE is awesome and includes 3 of the 7 pro book creation stages.

For many self-publishing authors, this service is just the ticket, but if you'd like a more polished book, we do offer a full 7-step pro upgrade with the PRO PACKAGE.

The Pro Package Upgrade

This adds an expert developmental editor to your project and includes additional appraisal, editing and writer reworking to ensure your book is reaching its highest potential.

'Writing a book without a developmental editor is like creating a film without a director.'

The PRO PACKAGE includes all of the stages that every  traditionally published book goes through, all lead by an expert developmental editor.

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What are the additional PRO PACKAGE stages?

Expert Outline Assessment


Once your writer has written your outline (or enhanced yours), this then goes over to an expert developmental editor who appraises the plot, pacing, themes and overall story. The outline is the road-map for the whole team so getting this the best it can be is paramount!


Developmental Editing

After the book has been written, it then goes back to the expert developmental editor who combs through your book with a fine tooth-comb and leaves detailed in-line analysis of all aspects of the book to ensure everything about your story and the way it has been told is exceptional.

006-magic wand.png

Full Manuscript Rework

These notes and the manuscript are now sent over to you for your appraisal. We then take your notes and thoughts along with the developmental editors' and the writer now refines, revises, rewrites and reworks your book to ensure it is reaching its full potential. 


Line Editing

The standard copyedit is to check spelling, grammar, consistency, factual accuracy and to ensure all is correct. A line edit is where an editor goes through your manuscript line by line and smooth out the whole book to ensure everything is as smooth and well-paced as possible.

NOTE: These additional services are only included in the PRO PACKAGE UPGRADE

Would you like to upgrade your order to the Pro Package?

Note: As the outline appraisal is a key part of our exceptional Pro system, we DON'T offer the Pro Package as an add-on later in the process. 


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