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Step 5

Our STANDARD SERVICE is awesome and includes 3 of the 5 pro book creation stages.

For many self-publishing authors, this service is just the ticket, but if you'd like a more polished book, we do offer a full 5-step pro upgrade with the PRO PACKAGE.

The Pro Package Upgrade

This adds an expert developmental editor to your project and includes additional editing and writer reworking to ensure your book is reaching its highest potential.

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What are the developmental editing and reworking stages?


Expert Manuscript Assessment

Once the writer has written the full book, the manuscript goes back to your expert developmental editor for a thorough appraisal. They analyse the theming, pacing, storytelling and overall content.


Developmental Editing

The editor makes direct edits to the manuscript for the sections that work and creates a report of areas that need improving on or reworking for the writer to work on.

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Writer Reworking

The writer now works with the editor to refine, revise, rewrite and rework the your story to ensure it is reaching its full potential. 



After having gone through the developmental and reworking process, your book is now ready to be copyedited, at which point it will have gone through all of the industry-standard steps!

NOTE: These additional services are only included in the PRO PACKAGE UPGRADE

Would you like to upgrade your order to the Pro Package?


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