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Self-published Books

We’re always looking for ways to support new authors on their journey, so we've listed below
some of our favourite self-published stories to share with you all. 
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List Title

List Title

In Big Ideas for Children’s Books!, we provide you with the ultimate step-by-step frameworkto guide you towards finding and developing ideas that aren’t just arbitrary or generalised, but have a genuine impact on your audience and contain themes and concepts that you can be passionate about.

How it works

We place a link to your Amazon page and anyone that visits the site will see your book and this should lead to more clicks and more sales!

This takes absolutely no work on your part, and we’ll use affiliate links.

This comes at no cost to you - just another source of free ads via a vibrant and growing company. 

*All books listed here use affiliate links and The Stardust Experience are paid a small percentage by Amazon for any books sold via this page - at no additional cost to the authors. So buy purchasing through our links you'll not only be supporting up and coming new authors but us too. 
Thank you!

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