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Magical & Exceptional: These are not just terms referring to our end-product, but a mantra that we follow through every step of our journey with each wonder-seeking wordsmith. From complimentary demos to customer service, we pledge to not only give you an awesome and unique experience every step of the way, but to keep making changes and alterations to all projects until you are 100% happy. 

You are all beautiful and deserve the best 💖

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hey, i'm alex...

...and I am not only the Creative Director, but also the in-house writer for 'The Stardust Experience'. I have spent the last decade of my life working as an in-house writer and Creative Director at a theatre company. During my many years of feverishly writing project after project, I have produced nearly every conceivable medium of written children's work. From stories, songs & lyrics, to comedy sketches and complete plays. I've written many, many theatre-in-education productions, not to mention a huge array of films, including a film about gangs and violence commissioned for Fearless.org, the UK's national Crimestoppers service aimed at youth.

During this time I also worked as a freelance ghostwriter, and have penned hundreds of books, with one of my more prominent works being produced as a children's movie that was developed into a screenplay and released as an international cinema hit!


Creative Director

ghostwriting &

custom writing

what is 'ghostwriting'?

Sounds spooky right? Don't worry, it's not actually anything to do with Halloween or things that go bump in the night! It simply means that we will produce original written material and provide you with the rights to take said work and put your name to it and resell or redistribute it. 

so what can TSE do for you?

Are you looking for a fully customised written children's story, book, script or poem?

Would you like a story that you could resell under your name? 

Are you looking to get a personalised story as a gift for your child or family member? 

Do you have an idea or title that you'd like brought to life? 

here is what we write:

short stories

Age specific, themed short stories based on your project brief, title or idea. Average: 2000-5000 words.


rhyming books


educational stories

Shorter stories written specifically for shorter children's illustrated storybooks. Average: 500-2000 words.

Think 'The Cat in the Hat', or Roald Dahl's 'Revolting Rhymes'. A story written in rhyming verse. Average: 200-1500 words.

A standalone poem based on your idea or theme.

Average: 200-1000 words.

A story with an educational, ethical or moral undertone. Average: N/A

song and lyrics

personalised gift story

An original children's song with both original music and  lyrics included. Average: N/A

A story with an educational, ethical or moral undertone. Average: N/A

An original story starring your child and their friends and interests. A wonderful gift! Average: 500-2000 words.

looking for scripts, plays, sketches, films?

keep scrolling!


custom script 


|   SCRIPTS    |    PLAYS    |    FILM    |    TV SCRIPTS    |


Are you looking for a custom script for your production or theatre company? Are you an independent content maker and you need a script?


Keep scrolling to find out more...

custom script 


|   SCRIPTS    |    PLAYS    |    FILM    |    TV SCRIPTS    |


 As you can see by the above list, we can write a vast array of children's scripts, targeted and tailor made for your audience. All of our writing is fun, engaging and can be written either for an audience of children, or for children to perform.

Here is what we produce:


                            Are you looking for a custom theatre play? Are  you a teacher looking for something fresh that your class could perform? Or are you looking for a play that would work as entertainment for children. We can write short plays, one-act plays or full productions. 


                      Would you like to turn your idea into a short (or longer) film for children? Are you trying to make a film

with children in that you would like a custom script for? Or are you looking for an educational film to get a message across? Whatever your needs, never fear as TSE is here!


          Are  you looking for a new script to produce for TV for an audience of children? Or are you maybe looking for a TV work with a particular moral or message?  All of our work is super fun with all messages and education secretly interwoven into the  furious fun of the  main story!

theatre in education:

Are you a  theatre practitioner looking for a new production to take around schools based on issues, emotions or the school curriculum? Whatever topic you have in mind, we will research it, and craft you something beautiful. We can produce shorter and longer plays, as well as plays for as many or as few cast as you'd like - even one-person shows.

comedy sketches:

 Would you like  your very own comedy sketch either for children to perform or for a children's audience. Or are you looking for a full sketch show? We do also have a large selection of pre-written original sketches in our vault that we would be happy to license to you too!

want to chat to us 

about your project?