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the children's ghostwriting specialists

Magical & Exceptional: These are not just terms referring to our end-product, but a mantra that we follow through every step of our journey with each wonder-seeking wordsmith. We pledge to not only give you an awesome and unique experience every step of the way, but to keep making changes and alterations to all projects until you are 100% happy. 

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So you're thinking of getting your story or book recorded as a sound designed audiobook? That's awesome! Curious what the process is? Well luckily for you, it's very easy AND it's fun!  Have a look at our step-by-step process below. Oh, and if there's something you still have a question about, then please do contact us

Ever wondered what imagination sounds like?



Give Your Audience The Stardust Experience!

audiobook production

(with a difference)

So you want to create your audiobook? Great! First, we'll have a little consultations with you to find out exactly what you need...


What are you looking for in the narrator of your story? Do you have specifics? Gender? Age? Style? Pacing? If you're not sure, we are happy to make to make these creative choices for you.

~word count     

How long is your story? We have different price brackets dependant on your word count.

~sound design

Would you like to create the ultimate audio experience by adding sound design to your audiobook? If so, you have any specifics as to how you would like it to sound?

what is 'sound design'?

This is what makes TSE a little bit special. Sound design refers to the audio world created by mood music, sound effects, ambience, customised scores, and by extra vocals created by the voice actor/s. Essentially this levels up your work from an audiobook up to a full movie for your ears 😎